E. Adrian Calcaneo, Founder / Executive Director of the Council for North American policy, was quoted in an article about the reasons why the TPP could upgrade NAFTA without touching the original agreement.

“If you think as a region, you can be extremely competitive,” says E. Adrian Calcaneo, founder and executive director, Council for North American Policy. The North American Free Trade Agreement was designed to form a trade bloc, but it has not been entirely successful. Within North America, “The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could become NAFTA 2.0, enabling the NAFTA signatories to take advantage of Canadian energy, U.S. supply chain services and Mexican manufacturing,” he suggests. By negotiating differences through the TPP, “NAFTA countries can negotiate lingering issues without trashing NAFTA.”

via Conflicting Agendas | 2013-12-01 | World Trade 100.