About the Council

The purpose of the Council for North American Policy is to foster an understanding of the contemporary political, social, and economic issues confronting the United States, Mexico, and Canada by increasing public awareness and appreciation of the joint trade potential and cooperation opportunities of the region and the importance of a strong inter-North American working relationship. Our goal is to promote greater understanding between the people and to encourage discussion and participation towards the formulation of complex policy decisions in an increasingly prosperous and interdependent, globally competitive region.

The Council for North American Policy is dedicated to the study of the evolving relationships among the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Its particular focus will be the political, economic, and social processes defining the North American region. It is also seen as a space for dialogue among actors in the government, academic, business, and voluntary sectors throughout the changing region. The Council will seek to promote a network of scholars and policy makers working in the area of North American studies in the three countries by establishing linkages with universities, think-tanks, governmental, inter-governmental, and non governmental actors.

The Council is emerging as a response to several converging factors:

  • The lack of research concerning the interrelationship between economic integration and its political, social, economic and cultural consequences;
  • The need to engage the public, including those who are skeptical of free trade, in discussions on an enhanced relationship among the three partners;
  • Governments’ need for intellectual input into decision-making concerning the relationship between the three partners.

Information and know-how are vital to entering new markets. Providing information and interaction with local businesses and buyers provided a bridge to understanding and finding market needs. The Council’s goal is to provide such engagement to our readers and customers. At the foundation of our four research and training programs are three core public policy objectives:

  • We aim to embrace further economic integration in North America as a proven mechanism for raising regional standards of living and promoting further cooperation and prosperity.
  • We must adopt an energy policy that balances cheap, clean, and secure energy while relying extensively on the capacity North American market as a whole.
  • To be competitive in the world economy, we must reshape our public institutions to take advantage of the unique situation and potential of the North American region.

While our main areas of research, energy, trade, public policy, & security, are vastly different topics, our programs are not a discrete operation, but contributes to the broader Council’s goal of finding inter-related policy solutions. For example, energy policy cannot be treated separately from trade policy as oil is the largest commodity traded in NAFTA. Together, the four programs create an environment where specialists from all of these areas can synergize their thinking into solving concrete policy problems. The Council’s design links fields of knowledge in ways that mirror the needs of the regional future.