Financial Information

Financial Information

The Council for North American Policy is a non-profit, non-partisan organization with a 501 (c) (3) status granted by the IRS.

Your tax deductible donation will help underwrite our work to encourage cooperation in the region, to promote trade and economic development in all three countries, and to refocus foreign policy and investment towards the region of North America.

We take no money from political parties. Our funding comes from donations from people like you. We appreciate your generous commitment to our work. Please visit our DONATE page to make a donation.

Council for North American Policy 990 Forms


The Council for North American Policy takes great pride in our financial efficiency and accountability. We work to maximize the value of every dollar we receive. It is our goal that more than 70 percent of our expended resources support our  projects around North America. We work hard so less than 30 percent of expended resources go toward administrative and fund-raising costs.

We encourage you to investigate before you donate. Click on the links below for independently verified information about the Council for North American Policy’s finances.

Click HERE to view the Council for North American Policy’s IRS Letter of Determination.

Council for North American Policy IRS Form 990 Archives

Specific information about Council for North American Policy’s finances is available on our Form 990, the information return that tax-exempt organizations file annually with the Internal Revenue Service.

Council for North American Policy Fiscal Year 2012

January 2012- December 2012, IRS calendar year 2012