Welcome Message

We, at the Council for North American Policy, believe that the moment to reform and rethink North American policy has come.

AdrianWith our work in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, ­we try to awaken policymakers to these simple facts: We share a common border and a range of common interests. There are not two countries in the world that affect more the lives of the citizens of the United States than Canada and Mexico.

For years, U.S. foreign policy has focused in lands far away. It is important to reshape the debate towards our own neighborhood and take advantage of its unique economic potential, particularly regarding trade and energy. Not only these countries represent the United States’ number 1 and 2 markets for exports, but millions of U.S. jobs depend directly on Canadian and Mexican consumers. Growing the internal markets will have an important, yet sustainable, impact in the future and prosperity in the region.

It’s time for a new course that reconciles our mutual interests and creates a true partnership for progress and development.

This is what the Council for North American Policy is working to achieve. We believe that there is an increasing demand for new approaches and a rising receptivity among policymakers to look at the region with fresh eyes. That is what our work is all about.


Best Regards,


E. Adrian Calcaneo, MPSA