The Council for North American Policy produces factsheetsinfographics, informational videos, podcasts, and research pieces covering a wide range of topics related to the North America.

As part of the Mexico-United States project, the Council’s sister site The Two Eagles:  is great resource for people interested on Mexico-U.S. relations. To visit this site please click HERE.

Similarly, as part of the Canada-United States project, the Council’s sister site 49th North is great resource for people interested on Canada – U.S. relations. To visit this site please click HERE.

The Council also writes papers and conducts presentations and conferences regarding the most relevant topics in the region such as Trade, Energy, SecurityPublic Policy, Immigration, & Economic Development

At the foundation of our four research and training programs are three core public policy objectives:

  • We aim to embrace further economic integration in North America as a proven mechanism for raising regional standards of living and promoting further cooperation and prosperity.
  • We must adopt an energy policy that balances cheap, clean, and secure energy while relying extensively on the capacity North American market as a whole.
  • To be competitive in the world economy, we must reshape our public institutions to take advantage of the unique situation and potential of the North American region.

While are main areas of research, energy, trade, public policy, & security, are vastly different topics, our programs are not a discrete operation, but contributes to the broader Council’s goal of finding inter-related policy solutions. For example, energy policy cannot be treated separately from trade policy as oil is the largest commodity traded in NAFTA. Together, the four programs create an environment where specialists from all of these areas can synergize their thinking into solving concrete policy problems. The Council’s design links fields of knowledge in ways that mirror the needs of the regional future.


Recent Work: