Economic Development

U.S. Jobs (In Millions) that depend on Exports to Mexico

U.S. Jobs (In Millions) that depend on Exports to Canada


Average U.S. Content of a Mexican product.


Average U.S. Content of a Canadian product.

North America must face together the shared challenge of uneven economic development. A fast lane to development is crucial for Mexico to contribute to the security of the entire region. Mexico’s development has failed to prevent deep disparities between different regions of the country, and particularly between remote regions and those better connected to international markets. Northern states have grown ten times faster than those in the center and south of the country. Lack of economic opportunity encourages unauthorized migration and has been found to be associated with corruption, drug trafficking, violence, and human suffering. Improvements in human capital and physical infrastructure in Mexico, particularly in the center and south of the country, would knit these regions more firmly into the North American economy and are in the economic and security interest of all three countries

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