Million of Legal crossings per year in the U.S.-Mexico Border

Length in Km of the U.S.-Canada Border. Largest border in the world.

Total Number of Border Patrol Agents

Million is the Current Green Card Applications Backlog

“The security and well-being of its citizens are at the pinnacle of any government’s responsibilities. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the futures of Canada, Mexico, and the United States are shared as never before.

In addition to terrorism, all three countries must deal with a persistent flow of undocumented immigrants. International criminal activity also poses a continuing threat to public safety in the region, including drug and gang-related violence along the Mexican-U.S. frontier. These crossborder threats cannot be adequately addressed by any one government alone.

Failure to address security issues will ultimately undermine gains on other matters. In the North American context, failure to collaborate effectively to address security issues will have a direct impact on commercial relationships as well as in our freedoms and quality of life. ” -CFR

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