Daily Trade within North America (in Billions)


Average U.S. content on Canadian Products

Number of U.S. Jobs (in millions) that depend on trade with Canada and Mexico


Average U.S. Content in Mexican Products

NAFTA has dramatically enhanced our ability to make better use of the abundant resources of our three countries and thus make an important contribution to economic growth within North America. Over the last decade, however, our economies have faced growing challenges in increasingly competitive and globalized world markets. We need to do more to ensure that our policies provide our firms and workers on a fair and unfettered basis to meet the challenges of global competition.

Unwieldy North American rules of origin, increasing congestion at our ports of entry, and regulatory differences among our three countries raise costs instead of reducing them. Trade in certain sectors—such as natural resources, agriculture, and energy—remains far from free, and disputes in these areas have been a source of disagreement among our countries. Furthermore, the NAFTA partners have been unable to resolve a number of important trade and investment disputes, which has created continuing tension in our commercial relationships.




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